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Composés de moulage en vrac (BMC) et composés de moulage en feuille
(SMC) sont tous deux des matériaux renforcés de fibres, utilisant généralement
fibres de verre de différentes longueurs.


Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) is a high-strength and lightweight material composed of chopped glass fibers, thermosetting resins (such as polyester or vinyl ester), and various additives. SMC is typically manufactured through a compression molding process, where the mixture is compressed under heat and pressure to form flat sheets or complex shapes. 


Like SMC, Bulk Molding Compound (BMC) is also a thermosetting composite composed of chopped glass fibers, thermosetting resins (commonly polyester or vinyl ester), and various fillers and additives.


BMC differs from SMC in terms of its consistency and processing method. BMC has a higher resin content, which gives it a paste-like or dough-like consistency, making it more suitable for injection molding or transfer molding processes. This characteristic allows BMC to be molded into intricate shapes and complex geometries with high precision, making it a preferred choice for electrical and electronic components, household appliances, and industrial parts.

InfrastructureDes produits

Nos produits d'infrastructure comprennent : (liste à puces : bornes, chemins de câbles, tours de refroidissement, isolateurs électriques, clôtures, mains courantes, échelles, mâts d'éclairage, accessoires de parc, accessoires pour piétons, échafaudages, mobilier urbain, passerelles, réservoirs d'eau.


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